HFLEX System - a part of PTEC Inredningar

HFLEX System manufactures and sells shop fittings that handle hose, cable, wire, chain, rope, rubber carpet, etc. For shops in the hardware, construction, radio/tv, electrical and marine trade. Also in manufacturing, warehouse and material storage sectors.
HFLEX Fittings system facilitates neat displays and keeps products neat and tidy that otherwise often end up in the warehouse or lying on a shelf in a big mess.
HFLEX Interior fittings systems are very flexible and can be easily built-to-need. Our products are based on standard shop fittings of 900 mm. HFLEX has broadened its range with standard shop fittings such as base stands, wire baskets, shelves and much more, in order to become a fully-fledged supplier of shop fittings.

HFLEX/PTEC FITTINGS also manufactures customised displays.

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