Fittings for Shops/Warehouses/Workshops

HFLEX shop fitting systems for products as hose, cable, wire, chains, ropes etc. Enables nice exposure and creates order of products that often ends up at the warehouse or lying on some shelf. Adapted to the standard shop fitting 900 mm c/c.

News is that we also offer standard shop fittings such as wire baskets, shelves, hooks, etc..

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  • Thanks to everyone!

    Thanks to everyone!

    You are fantastic!

    During the period February to August 2022, we have had the great pleasure of welcoming 50 new HFLEX customers. Since we at Ptec took over the HFLEX brand (January 2020) we have so far entered 200 new customers in the order books! We pinch ourselves!

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    2022-08-25 10:23
  • Closed for vacation

    Closed for vacation

    We wish all our friends a wonderful holiday.

    Stay safe 💚

    Ptec and HFLEX closes for vacation July 11 – August 7, 2022.

    2022-06-27 07:58
  • New in the HFLEX-family

    New in the HFLEX-family

    Now you can measure even smaller products such as cable and rope! The counter keeps track of how much you pull out, then you just have to cut = done!

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    2022-04-05 11:46